Back since I was in 5th grade when this version came out. Some cutscenes were cut off due to censorship as in both English and Japanese didn't cut those scenes. Here is the reason why some nudity scenes were cut? It's because we Filipinos are concervative and it is not allowed for the children to watch some scenes that shows in each episodes. Here is the cut scenes that was cut in the Filipino Dub.

In Episode 3, Recca rescues Fuko while destroying the madogu that brainwashed her as well as her uniform that renders her topless.

At Episode 5, Kurei burns Yanagi's uniform after he explained it to her about their main reason to kidnap and examine her power. She was seen in nude which shows her butt while wearing her school socks and shoes while lying on the ground before being taken with him.

In Episode 26, in a battle between Tokiya and Mokuren after he saves Kaoru from him, Tokiya manages to defeat Mokuren using the Absolute Zero and he was knocked off the ground. However on that scene, his pubic part is shown while his body begins to froze.

These cutscenes are been cut in the Filipino Dub due to it's censorship reasons and for that kids are allowed to watch some scenes it needs strong parental guidance.