Genjuro is the captain of Uruha Maboroshī (Illusion), and wields a madōgu called Mugen, which allows him to shrink objects by affecting its cellular structure. Genjuro has the innate ability to do psychic surgery and is also a master of illusion techniques such as the wakemi. In the anime, he is killed by Neon after being defeated by Recca. In the manga, Neon kills one of his illusions and Genjuro escapes; eventually allying himself with Kōran Mori and helping Mori complete his cloning experiments which results the creation of Aoi and Renge. Genjuro is put in charge in one of the fortresses of SODOM City, in which he encounters Neon again. He overwhelms her with his robots at first, but panics when he sees Domon Ishijima ally himself with Neon and her sisters. While Genjuro attempts to retreat, Neon catches up with him and kills him for good using Jisho's madōgu.

Mokuren Nagai

Mokuren is a sadistic and perverted man who was once partners with Koganei and wields the madōgu Kodama, which allows him to control plants. Mokuren enjoys torturing people, especially women. After being defeated by Recca at Mori's mansion, he developed a strong hatred for him. Genjuro healed Mokuren and made him more powerful by implanting the Kodama within him using psychic surgery. Mokuren eventually becomes part of the Uruha Maboroshī, and is defeated by Tokiya during the Ura Butō Satsujin. He has a relationship with Mikoto, but he betrays her love because of his intense hatred for Recca.

Menō Sakura

Menō is a young girl whose father served as one of Genjuro's lab assistants. Genjuro believed that her hair was of superior quality, making her the perfect candidate for infusion with the Shikigami, a madōgu that controls hair. Her father opposed the plan, but Genjuro uses his madōgu to shrink him and use him as a hostage to make Menō allow the surgery. After Recca defeats her and rescues her father, she eventually befriends Yanagi and seems to understand Joker.


Shiju is an experimental result of Genjuro's twisted experiments that is labeled a chimera, and eats all the opponents he defeats. He is defeated by Koganei.