Team Hokage

Team Hokage

"He's not a good guy, Ishijima Domon! It was totally bad luck to get stuck fighting with that guy. He's the worst of the Hokage. Although 'Which do you want to fight' would be a really hard thing to answer. I wouldn't want to fight the hag Fūko, or Mikagami either. If it was Recca I'd rather fucking die! And the guy you fought had a bad nature to boot! Those guys ain't human. They're monsters." -Fujimaru describing Team Hokake to Marie.

Recca Hanabishi and his companions enter the Ura Butō Satsujin as a team called "Hokage". The team is initially composed of Fūko Kirisawa, Tokiya Mikagami, Domon Ishijima with Recca as team captain and his mother Kagerō as the team's mentor. Koganei Kaoru, formerly a member of the Uruha, joins the team as a replacement for Fūko during their match against Uruha Maboroshii, and becomes a permanent addition to the team.

Ura Buto Satsujin Results

Hokage vs. Kuu

  • Tokiya vs. Daikoku (Win)
  • Domon vs. Minamio (Draw)
  • Fuuko vs. Fujimaru (Win)
  • Recca vs. Saicho (Win)
  • Recca vs. Kukai (Win)

Hokage vs. Uruha Maboroshi

  • Koganei vs. Shiju (Win)
  • Koganei vs. Mokuren (Loss)
  • Tokiya vs. Mokuren (Win)
  • Tokiya vs. Menou (Loss)
  • Recca vs. Menou (Win)
  • Recca vs. Genjuro (Win)

Hokage vs. Uruha Oto

  • Domon vs. Aki (Win/Double Loss (Win forfeited due to interference during the double bout))
  • Recca and Tokiya vs. Neon and Miki (Win)


  • Opponent dropped due to injuries


Hokage vs. Uruha Ma

  • Koganei vs. Tsukishiro (Draw (Koganei could've won if it wasn't for the fatal injuries that caused him to collapse right after the fight)
  • Recca vs. Kashamaru (Win)
  • Fuuko vs. Gashakura (Win)
  • Domon vs. Magensha (Win)


Hokage vs. Uruha Kurenai

  • Domon vs. Noroi (Win)
  • Tokiya vs. Kai (Loss)
  • Fuuko vs. Mikoto (Loss)
  • Koganei vs. Joker (Win)
  • Recca vs. Kurei (Win)