Reiran Katashiro is Ganko Morikawa's first doll animated by the madōgu Kata Kugutsu, who bears a strong resemblance to her mother. When Fūko fought her in Kurei's mansion, she is thought to be a real person while Ganko pretended to be a doll (using the alias Primera). In the manga, Fūko salvages the doll from the Mori mansion's rubble and brings it to her home (where Ganko resides), and Reiran is reanimated. She was voiced by Yuri Amano in the Japanese version, and by Jennifer Holder in the English version.


Reiran Manga

Reiran in the manga.

Reiran Katashiro is a pretty young woman with red hair. She is the first opponent Fuuko has ever faced, excluding Maria. At first, Reiran's fascination with dolls may seem rather odd, especially since, when Fuuko destroys all of her mannequins in one fell swoop, she cried out, enraged. She then picks up a foil (a sword used in fencing) and battles with Fuuko.

They fight for a while, until Fuuko suddenly realizes that Reiran has tricked her by secretly tying her with her strings as they exchanged blows. She is now able to manipulate Fuuko as if she were her very own puppet. Using this advantage, Reiran subsequently manages to tie up both Recca and Domon as well. However, her victory is short-lived as Fuuko suddenly deduces Reiran's secret and, knowing it, turns the Fuujin on herself, breaking the strings around her. She then attacks Reiran, removing her device. Then suddenly, Reiran falls to the ground motionless.

One interesting fact about Reiran is that when Team Hokage escaped from Kurei's ruined and burning mansion, she refused to leave Reiran inside and dragged her out, as if she were an ordinary person. (Manga only) Later, this simple act of kindness would prove profitable to her.

Puppet Strings

"You're such a fool, but now you're my pretty young fool, and you're going to be the star of my gruesome new puppet show!" - Reiran using the Kata Kugutsu


  • In the English version, she, Raiha and Rui's name are pronounced in L words instead of R words as her name becomes Leilan, Laiha and Lui.
  • In the Filipino version, her name is Prima in the anime.
  • As revealed in the story, Reiran bears a striking resemblance to Ganko's deceased mother, which is why Ganko was drawn towards said mannequin.
  • Yuri Amano voiced Reiran in the Japanese version, while Jennifer Holder voiced her in the English version. This marks the second character played by Yuri Amano that Holder dubbed into English; the first was Rain Mikamura in Mobile Fighter G Gundam.