Menō Sakura


Meno Sakura.jpg

Sex Female
Status Alive
Blood Type
Zodiac Sign
Madōgu Shikigami
Manga Debut
Anime Debut Episode 27
Seiyu Yūko Minaguchi

Menō is a young girl whose father, Kazua Sakura, served as one of Genjuro's lab assistants. Genjuro believed that her hair was of superior quality, making her the perfect candidate for infusion with the Shikigami, a madōgu that controls hair. Her father opposed the plan, but Genjuro uses his madōgu Mugen to shrink him and use him as a hostage to make Menō allow the surgery.

After Recca defeats her and rescues her father, she eventually befriends Yanagi and seems to understand Joker. She also seems to have a crush on Recca after he helps her and has Genjuro remove the Shikigami.


Menō originally has a medium length aqua blue hair and amber eyes. She wears her summer school uniform consist of a short sleeved white sailor fuku with a red bola tie, blue pleated skirt, white socks and brown dress shoes. Her fuku is white with blue linings and the folded sleeves at the edge are blue. Before her battle against Recca, she wears in a pink and white cloak and a traditional hat and a mask to conceal her face. Once she removes the cloak to reveal her primary outfit, Menō's aqua blue hair is shorter and her hair is cut off by Genjuro due to the activation of her Shikigami Madogu inside her body. She later retains her current hairstyle where she watches the battle between Genjuro and Recca.

When she was implanted the Shikigami madogu by Genjuro using Psychic Surgery and taking her father hostage, she only wears a pair of white bra and panties and has a pink ribbon at the center of her panties.

When activating the Shikigami madogu inside her body, her short aqua blue hair exponentally grows into a very long length to make a various makeshift weapon and her eyes are soulless due to Genjuro's commands.


Shikigami (式髪, Hair Animator): Menō uses an orb that turns strands of hair into weapons by hardening them into needle-like objects. Menō has it implanted inside her body so she can also control the growth and movement of her hair.


  • In the Filipino version, her name is Lina Sakura while her father, Kazua changes to Hector Sakura of the anime.


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