Kyōza Meguri
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Blood Type
Zodiac Sign
Madōgu Hyoma En
Family Tokiya Mikagami (grandson)
Mifuyu Mikagami (granddaughter)
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Affiliation Jyushinshuu
Ura Uruha
Seiyu Hidekatsu Shibata

An eldery man like Genjuro, but with a white goatee and bald head. He seems to be kind even in battle, acknowledging the enemy's skills. He is the strongest of the Jyushinshuu and it was noted that he could possibly have been even stronger than Kurei at his best. He does not, however, do anything to help them since he was forced to join to protect Ensui. He cares deeply for his children and felt guilty for his granddaughter's death.

Part in Story


The master of Hyōmon Ken, and teacher of both Kai and Tokiya Mikagami, Meguri Kyōza is also the second-in-command in Kurei's Jyūshinshu, although he barely takes part in the organization since he was forced to join. He was overwhelming enough to cause Hiruko and Aoi to fear him.

In the anime series, Meguri Kyōza appears in a flashback where he gives Tokiya some advice before he enters the Uro Buto Satsujin tournament. Later on in the finals of the tournament as Tokiya loses to Kai, Kai mentions about Meguri Kyōza in whoever inherits the Ensui and also informs him that he was the one who killed his older sister Mifuyu Mikagami before he himself falls to death.

Meguri Kyoza

"Meguri Kyōza" is just a title that is passed on from a Hyōmon Ken master to his successor, and this Meguri Kyōza happens to be Tokiya's grandfather. When his son (Tokiya's father) died, Meguri Kyōza decided to pass the tradition on to his grandson. Mifuyu, Tokiya's older sister, refused to allow her younger brother to be exposed to violence, and volunteered to be Meguri Kyōza's student instead. Meguri Kyōza blames himself entirely for Mifuyu's death, because he was the one who had forced her to take up Hyōmon Ken and inherit the Ensui. In his battle against Tokiya, Tokiya convinces him before he dies that she has surely forgiven him for what had happened.


He has agility and uses the abilities of the Hyomon Ken, he mainly uses Hyoma En that was brought to him by Ura Uruha agents. It is likely he mastered the Ensui as well, but it isn't shown in the series. His abilities of the techinques his students mastered. Hyomon Ken

  • Tsurara Mai (Dancing Icicles or Icicle Dance) - Like the technique used with Ensui, it causes icicles to burst forth from the ground in a line toward the opponent. However, the icicles created by Hyōma En are much larger and have many smaller icicles on their surface.