Rōmaji Kirin
Sex Female
Status Alive
Blood Type
Zodiac Sign
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Seiyu Kiyomi Asai

Kirin is a member of Ura Uruha and is Rasen's partner.



Kirin's first look.

Kirin is a curvaceous young woman. Her black hair is usually seen tied back into a ponytail, or a simple braid. She also has a dragon tattoo on her left shoulder and always wears sunglasses. She wears a simple strapless bikini top as well as jeans during her second appearance.


In her first appearance, Kirin portrayed herself as being a playful, and somewhat incompetent member of Ura Uraha, making silly mistakes such as cutting herself with her own daggers. She is also somewhat theatrical, such as giving a secondary introduction of herself in the middle of a fight. Despite her revealing style of dress, Kirin is very sexually innocent, as stated by Mikoto. Kirin also doesn't seem to hold any animosity toward Hokage. She later reveals herself to be in love with her partner Rasen.

Kirin game

Kirin as she appears in Flame of Recca: Final Burning


Tendou Jigoku


Kirin appears with Rasen as Kagerou's opponent, having killed the Uruha member who was supposed to be there. After his defeat at Recca's hands, Rasen had determined to erase Kagerou's immortality curse; of course, doing so would result in his own death. Desperate to keep Rasen from disappearing, Kirin attempts to kill Kagerou, only to find that it truly would not work.

When Rasen attempts to erase the curse, only to have his madogu break, Kirin is seen in tears, crying with fear and exhilaration that Rasen was not erased.


While not much of a fighter, Kirin is very athletic, which she uses to keep a distance from her enemies, forcing them to think up ways to get up close and attack. this allows her to know how to block and dodge attacks with her Shingan.


Kirin uses two madōgu.

Hōkishin (砲鬼神, Soul Cannon): A weapon that a slimmer Kuchibashi-Ō, initially used by Kirin. It is a claw attached to the user's arm and has orbs that gives it variety of abilities.

  • It can launch a powerful stinger attached to a coil which can be controlled by the user. It is strong enough to pierce a concrete floor. The stinger can reach a fair distance.
  • It can launch a series of spikes simultaneously.
  • It can launch a series of spikes that release a hallucinogenic gas.

Shingan (心眼, Mind's Eye): A ring worn by Kirin that allows its user to read as well as transmit thoughts to people nearby. Its user can choose whose thoughts to read, but not which thoughts to read. It also allows the target to read the wearer's mind.