Kanji/Kana 火車丸
Rōmaji Kashamaru
Sex Male
Status Alive
Blood Type
Zodiac Sign
Hair Brown
Madōgu Nisebi
Manga Debut Chapter 81
Anime Debut Episode 32
Affiliation Uruha Ma
Seiyu Cho
Actor Lucas Gilbertson

Kashamaru (火車丸) is a ninja in Uruha Ma whose madōgu, the Nisebi, allows him to mimic a flame master's powers to a certain extent.


Kashamaru is a short man that wears a red ninja outfit. After being defeated by Recca and teaming with Tsukishiro and Fuko Kirisawa inside the Majigen Dimension, he has black hair styled in a small mohawk and has a remaining hair at the back.


Part in Story

Ura Butō Satsujin Saga

He is defeated when Rui decides to lend Recca her powers.

As punishment for losing, Magensha sends Kashamaru and Tsukishiro into his dimension. Later, when Fuuko Kirisawa was sucked in, she, Kashamaru and Tsukishiro find out where the real Magensha was. In the manga, they corner him and Fuuko forces him out with Fuujin. In the anime, they corner him, but Magensha absorbs the power of his crystal, but is still defeated by Fuuko's Fuujin. Once Magensha was defeated, Kashamaru and the other two manage to get themselves out of the dimension. After the death of Magensha, the remainder of Uruha Ma quit the Uruha and cut all connections with Mori Koran, and joined the others.


Kashamaru reemerges at the beginning of the SODOM Arc along with the rest of his team and the Kuu to aid Hokage in their fight for Yanagi. It is discovered that Kagerou had requested for them to come and help them, as she sensed that it would be a hard battle. Later, he, Tsukishiro, Gashakura and Saicho take on Ura Uruha's greatest warrior, Kadotsu. Despite putting up a valiant effort, they are only saved by Kurei's timely arrival.


Nisebi Explanation

How Nisebi works.



Nisebi Manga


Kashamaru is a high level ninja capable of performing a transformation technique that allows his to look like anyone he wants, as well as copy their voice. He also carries a variety of ninja tools such as a katana (which he covered in poison), rope and cherry bombs.

Nisebi (偽火, Fake Fire): A glove(armlet in the anime) embedded with a large stone on it. It can copy the abilities of a flame master to a certain extent, by channeling flame onto an object. Its primary stone has the symbol fire (火, hi) written on it. When Recca impersonates as him when using Rui to create illusions to defeat him, Kashamaru is revealed to use both his katana and whip to form fake dragons by channeling his Nisebi madogu.