Kanji/Kana 磁生
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Blood Type
Zodiac Sign
Hair Blonde
Madōgu Jisōtō
Manga Debut Chapter
Anime Debut Episode 13
Affiliation Kurei Mori, Uruha Kurogane, Jyushinshuu
Seiyu Tetsuo Kanao

Jisho (磁生) is a large robust blond mustached man with two swords (which are actually a set of madogu called Jisōto that represent the North and South directions and have magnetic abilites), worn on his back and is the 7th strongest of the Jyushinshuu. According to Neon his strength is equal to Kurei's; however, when he was killed by Magensha of Uruha Ma, it was proven to be wrong. He is very loyal to Kurei, along with Neon and Raiha, and the three of them decide to protect him through a contract of blood loyalty (it is shown in the SODOM Arc of the manga that Raiha actually kept the contract with him).

Part in Story

Jisho is the captain of Uruha Kurogane (Uruha Iron), and wields a set of madōgu called Jisoto. The Jisōto are actually two swords that represent the North and South directions, and are of opposite magnetic fields. Jisho is killed by Uruha Ma's leader, Magensha, during the third round of the tournament. In the manga, Kurei absorbs Jisho's soul using his flame, and can summon him as a flame spirit similar to Kurenai.


He is an expert swordsman, as he fought Joker for days straight, and is considered Kurei's equal. In flame spirit form, he uses his strength to beat his master's enemies. His pair of swords are his madogu Jisoto.

  • Jisōtō (磁双刀 Magnetic Swords) - A madōgu that consists of two swords, the N and the S swords (likely standing for the North and South Magnetic Poles), both of which have magnetic properties. They are used by throwing one and it being attracted by the other. Jisho of Uruha Kurogane, and Neon later on in the series uses it.