Kanji/Kana 羽丸
Sex Male
Status Presumed Deceased
Blood Type
Zodiac Sign
Hair Red
Madōgu Hizanu
Manga Debut Chapter 39
Anime Debut Episode 14
Affiliation Uruha
Seiyu Takumi Yamazaki

Hanemaru (羽丸) is a madōgu wielder and a member of Triumvirate (The Three Ravens in the anime).


The most noticeable thing about Hanemaru are his large black wings, which he can control using the Hizanu (飛斬羽, Winged death).

He wears small, blue shorts with a vertical yellow line down the front, a, yellow belt, a tiny blue, one strap, tank top, showing his stomach, blue boots, one thigh-high and the other knee-high, with a horizontal line near the top of either one, blue gloves and a blue band on both his upper arms. He also wears a yellow sash/strap diagonally across his left shoulder and right side, where he keeps his Hizanu embedded.

His hair and eyes are a bright red, and he wears purple make-up, which starts at his forehead and down across both eyes.


He is confident in his abilities, but when Mr. Tatesako exclaims how fast he is flying, Fūko disagrees ("Ha! Not really!").

Part in Story

Hanemaru, along with two other men, forms a group of amateur assassins under Kurei's command, sent to find Kagerō's secret hideout. They call themselves "The Three Ravens," although one member of the group accidentally calls them "The Three Stooges" and is verbally abused afterwards, being reminded "It's Three Ravens, you dumbass!"

Hanemaru is soon defeated by Recca, after only two episode appearances, while attempting aerial attacks. Recca knocks him out of the air, pulls him up off the ground by his hair, tells him he's nothing ("You're nothing compared to Kurei, ya know."), then proceeds to beat him senseless before knocking him over the edge of a cliff.

The Triumvirate appears once last time, in Chapter 235, where they beg to accompany Kurei, Joker, and Raiha to SODOM. However, Joker refuses to let them do so, telling them to continue protecting Tsukino Mori. They oblige, bowing down to Kurei and Joker.



Hizanu Madōgu

Hanemaru wearing the Hizanu madōgu.

Hizanu (飛斬羽, Winged Death) - Creates wings on the users arms that allows Hanemaru to fly high speed. The Feathers can also be used as knives. In the anime the wings grow from the back. Its primary stone has the symbol feather (羽, hane) written on it. While in the manga it's on a chain-necklace, in the anime it's connected to a shoulder-strap.