Sex Male
Status Alive
Blood Type
Zodiac Sign
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Seiyu Eiji Ito
Actor Paul Hunter

Fujimaru is a skinny man and the fastest in Team Kū. He is a pervert, and enjoys killing. He lost his first (and only seen) battle against Fūko, who was extremely annoyed by his actions (stripping her) and his love for killing. Even Minamio and Daikoku, who were stated to enjoy killing by Saicho, were unnerved by Fujimaru's cruelty and passion for killing. Strangely despite being a confirmed killer(including children) he is a recurring character, appearing as late as the SODOM arc. In it he is captured by a Marie who keeps him as a pet and names him 'Mogu'.


Fujimaru Claws

Fujimaru's claws

Fujimaru is the fastest of Team Kū and is skilled in using two sickles (curved blades in the anime), usually using them to torture his opponent by giving them slight cuts, and in the case of females, cutting off their clothes bits at a time. He can even use them like boomerangs and have them come back to him.

He also wields a sharp bladed claw-like gloves when his two of his sickles are dispatched, one is destroyed by from Fujin's wind claw and the other being kicked into the ground by Fuko. He uses this to torture his opponents extensively especially for females to the extent of stripping their clothes by slashing it.

This is demonstrated when Fujimaru lies towards Fuko for being beautiful and gorgeous when she spares him. He actually equips the claw-like gloves to slash most of Fuko's remaining ripped long sleeve shirt which the sleeves are earlier slashed by him earlier in the battle and the sleeves of her ripped shorts from her denim pants are now shorter and her belt was slashed off. He tries to show Fuko wearing a blue bra with black straps to the male audience despite how horrible Recca and the others saw him tortures her in the battle and taunting her by calling her ugly five times (it was mistakenly called six times in the dub). This soon changes when Fuko outsmarts him by hitting the wind claw blades on his back after he slashes the straps of her bra bit by bit as well as her remaining ripped shorts from her pants is now removed to show her panties.