Flame of Recca: Final Burning
Final Burning
Title Flame of Recca: Final Burning
Developer Konami
Genre Adventure, Fighting
Platform PlayStation 2
Release June 10, 2004

Flame of Recca: Final Burning (烈火の炎 FINAL BURNING) is the second video game for the manga series Flame of Recca that was released on June 10, 2004 for PlayStation 2.


Final Burning follows the same story as the SODOM arc of the manga. However, it has some noticeable changes:

  1. Team Kū and Uruha Ma do not appear, and any scenes with them in the manga are altered for the game. Mikoto just begs Mokuren to escape with her without her even fighting, and Joker presumably stops Kurei from attacking Kadotsu any further.
  2. Jisho isn't seen in any of the cutscenes, although he is still seen in the ending credits with Kurenai as a flame spirit.
  3. Because the player has the option of choosing some of the characters' actions, some battles that are fought in the manga can be avoided, or they can enter into battles that didn't happen in the manga.
    1. For example, the player can choose whether to have Fuuko save Kirito or not (before Kirito's identity is revealed). If they choose to save her like Fuuko does in the manga, Kirito will betray Fuuko, which then gives the player the choice of either pursuing Kirito or throwing Fuuko's picks at her. The former choice makes Fuuko engage in combat with Shiguma, which is the role Domon and Kagerou play in the manga, and the latter makes events follow the manga (Fuuko falls down a cliff, although unlike the manga, Raiha retrieves the disks before giving them to Fuuko). If the player chooses not to save Kirito, Fuuko successfully retrieves the disk on her own and skips the events that would have happened otherwise.


List of the characters that appear in the game: