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Kanji 影の忍軍 火影の謎!!
Rōmaji Kage no ningun Hokage no nazo!!
English Title The Mystery of the Hokage Ninja
Air Date 20 August 1997
The Mystery of the Hokage Ninja is the fifth episode of the Flame of Recca anime series.


Recca Hanabishi learns about the Hokage Ninja from his Japanese history teacher, Fumio Tatesako, after the latter invites him to his house (his friends decide to come along as well). He learns that they had the power to create Madogu, weapons with supernatural abilities. As Mr. Tatesako is filling in Recca, a young boy makes his way into the house, Kaoru Koganei. He quickly knocks out Mr. Tatesako and toys with an enraged Recca, easily getting the best of him and showing his superior battle prowess.

A comrade of his, Mokuren Nagai also enters. He knocks out Fūko Kirisawa and Domon Ishijima with relative ease, fatally wounds Mr. Tatesako's wife and kidnaps Yanagi Sakoshita, after sneaking behind Recca and poisoning him with an aconite scent, which renders him completely motionless. As Recca sees Yanagi being taken away, he is somehow able to summon the strength to move, after stabbing his own arm. Recca dashes towards the dastardly villain and attacks him, causing him to fly and smash into a well nearby.

Koganei is surprised at Recca's power, having easily been able to out-manouevre him earlier. He realizes what Yanagi means to him, but still focuses on his mission to bring her back to Kurei, so he reluctantly knocks Recca out with the rear end of his Madogu, the Kogonanki.

Recca wakes up in hospital and after recovering, he vows to rescue Yanagi. Fuko and Domon follow along and the trio must now face their greatest challenge.