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Kanji 炎と風神 危険な誘惑!!
Rōmaji Honō to fūjin kiken na yūwaku!!
English Title Fire and Wind, the Fatal Temptation!
Air Date 2 August 1997

"Fire and Wind, the Fatal Temptation!" is the second episode of the Flame of Recca anime series.


In front of everyone at school, Recca calls Yanagi "Hime" (i.e. Princess) and vows to be her "Ninja", promising to protect her from harm, which embarasses her, since she is shy girl. Everyone at school is misled into believing that Recca has lost to Yanagi in a fight.

A friendly rival of his, Fūko Kirisawa is even disgusted at him for allegedly losing, since she was always bested by him everytime the two scuffled with each other, since childhood. She attacks Yanagi, aiming to have Recca to herself by beating her. However, Yanagi does not even block her attack, which surprises her. Recca then defends Yanagi and begins attacking Fuko, defeating her quite easily. He tells Fuko that he was not defeated by Yanagi, but decided to serve her by choice.

Fuko later meets Kagehoshi, the woman who attacked Recca earlier, who gives her the Fujin, a Madogu with the power of wind. Upon wearing the Madogu, Fuko loses self-control and is under the command of Kagehoshi. She contact Recca, telling him to meet her at the school. When Recca arrives, she begins attacking him and it is known that Kagehoshi is behind the attack.

Recca attempts to use his flame techniques to stop Fuko.