Episode 1
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Kanji 姫と忍者 めざめた力!!
Rōmaji Hime to ninja mezameta chikara!!
English Title The Princess and her Ninja! Power Awakens!
Air Date 19 July 1997
"The Princess and her Ninja!" Power Awakens! is the first episode of the Flame of Recca anime series. It begins with an introduction to Ninjas and how they were heroes of their time.


Recca Hanabishi is shown making a fool out of rival Domon Ishijima, constantly out-manoeuvring him when the two scuffle with one-another. He later finds Yanagi Sakoshita and is captured by her beauty, so much so that he begins to follow her and when some large thick iron rods are about to fall on her, he dashes towards her, pushing her out of the way and is damaged himself after doing so.

Yanagi heals him and so it is learned that she is not ordinary. She makes Recca promise not to reveal her secret, since she does not want attention.

While she and Recca are walking, they come across an unexpected female visitor, who appears to be a threat. The woman begins attacking Recca and compels him to use his "power of flame" on her. Recca, having no clue what she is talking about, fights back, but is completely outmatched, however, after Yanagi is threatened and hurt, Recca is able to fire his flame towards the attacker. Unaffected by the attack, she tells Recca that he requires a far greater flame if he hopes to put her down.

At the end of the episode, Recca promises to be Yanagi's Ninja, protecting her from harm.