Sex Female
Status Alive
Blood Type
Zodiac Sign
Madōgu Kotodama
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Seiyu Megumi Ogata

Aki is the youngest of Neon 's sisters and a member of Uruha Oto (Sound).


She is a young woman who appears to be in her mid teens with short, pale blue hair with darker blue eyes. In her first appearance, she wore blue jeans along with a sleeveless white outfit along with a blue breastplate over her chest. Her madogu is contained in a choker she wears around her neck.

When her madogu was activated as she removes her outfit to topless while facing Domon from her illusions, she only wears a pair of white panties until she returns wearing her primary attire when Domon manage to broke free from her illusions. She is not seen wearing a choker after her madogu was destroyed by Domon.


Aki is not above using her femininity to give her a win in battle, as shown when she made Domon believe she was stripping in front of him. However when it turned out that Domon's mental strength was far more than she first believed, she was quickly defeated. While initially seeming quite as cruel as any other Uruha member, when Neon threatened to kill herself to destroy Recca and Tokiya, she begged along with Miki to allow them to die with her, showing a strong bond of sisterhood.

Part in the Story


  • Kotodama madōgu is activated...
  • ...creates an illusion
  • ...that causes the body to inflict real damage .
Kotodama (言霊, Word Spirit/Soul). Aki's ability is centered mainly around her madōgu. It works by using words to implant realistic illusions into the target's mind. Aki is also able to control the intensity of the illusions to the point where the mind of the opponent would literally believe the illusions were real, thus making the body give the appropriate responses, such as a cut. The weakness of this madogu is that the words of others can be used to control it, something Aki did not seem to realize.

She also uses flexible armlet/bracelet that she uses as a sword. It's possible that it is a madōgu.

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